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The Science and Industry Museum in Manchester is open. Book your free tickets now.

Power Up! for 40 years of gaming at your fingertips

Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry welcomes family-friendly video gaming event.

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Families, gamers and those who are just plain curious should set their sights on Power Up!, being held at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester from 11–28 August.

Power Up! will feature over 160 consoles to play on, alongside plenty of popular games from the past 40 years. Pong and Pac Man to Minecraft and Mario—whatever your gaming tastes might be, you’re sure to be covered.

Those in attendance will be able to sample gaming collections from the likes of Disney (including Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion) and Lego (all the highly regarded movie tie-ins), or genres like driving (Micro Machines, Project Gotham Racing) and fighting (Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Marvel vs Capcom 2); tackle multiplayer classics of the retro and modern era like Goldeneye, Mario Kart 8 and Minecraft; immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality; play on the latest big releases like Tekken 7 and Splatoon 2, or tackle some arcade classics on special bartop arcade machines like Metal Slug, Frogger and the Street Fighter series—and much more!

Power Up! at MSI

A variety of tickets are available, so whether you’re looking for a briefer 90-minute session, a half-day pass or the complete full-day experience, you’re catered for. Additionally, adult-only evening sessions are available for the night owls out there.

As well as getting hands on the greatest games of the past four decades, visitors to the museum can also book activity workshops, where the ins and outs of composing chiptune music and BASIC programming will be taught.

Power Up! will be held at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, from 11–28 August 2017. For more information, visit the event page.

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About the Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry tells the story of where science met industry and the modern world began. Manchester was one of the first global, industrial cities, and its epic rise, decline and resurrection has been echoed in countless other cities around the world. From textiles to computers, the objects and documents held in the museum’s collection tell stories of everyday life over the last 200 years, from light bulbs to locomotives.  The museum’s mission is to inspire all its visitors, including future scientists and inventors, with the story of how ideas can change the world, from the industrial revolution to today and beyond.

The Museum of Science and Industry is part of the Science Museum Group, a family of museums which also includes the Science Museum in London; the National Railway Museum in York and Shildon; and the National Media Museum in Bradford. The Science Museum Group is devoted to the history and contemporary practice of science, medicine, technology, industry and media. With five million visitors each year and an unrivalled collection, it is the most significant group of museums of science and innovation worldwide.

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