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Spring Holiday: Fashion Fun at the Science and Industry Museum

Between 6–22 April, the Science and Industry Museum is inviting visitors to step into 2019's latest trends and take a fun-filled look at how fashion and science make the perfect designer duo.

Two young girls posing in front of a dark mirror

Visitors will find style inspiration at Science Showdown, where they'll choose which fashion innovation is the biggest hit on the catwalk. 

Afterwards, they can grab a spot at our recycling workshop and make anything, from a piece of costume jewellery to their next Oscars outfit. Waste is so last season! Then, they can join our textile art drop-in session, and add a city icon to our daily digital tapestry of Manchester. 

A visit to our Textiles Gallery reveals more about Manchester's historic legacy in fabric production and design. Visiting families can take a tour with our new trail to take a closer look at what's on display, then see (and hear) cotton being made at our daily historic machinery demonstrations

After that, visitors can sashay over to the Power Hall, and admire the engines that powered the textiles factories and the locomotives that carried goods from the North West around the world. Younger visitors can also take a special adventure with our Explainers at the daily Early Years Engineers session. 

If visitors feel a bit 'fashioned out', there's still plenty more to see and do:

  • Stroll down to the 1830 Station to discover how the first commuter railway really put Manchester on the map
  • Lift a Mini, create a hurricane or watch your own skeleton ride a bike in our hands-on gallery, Experiment 
  • Take a look at how we harnessed the power of electricity in our exhibition Electricity: The spark of life
  • Meet the Manchester Baby computer—the great, great grandad of every Xbox and iPad
  • Snap a selfie with a legend—Stephenson’s Rocket, one of the earliest steam locomotives 

So, whether your style icon is Gigi Hadid or Hilda Ogden, strut down to the Science and Industry Museum this spring holiday where fashion fun is definitely the new black.


Science Showdown: Fantastic Fashion

Age: Recommended for ages 4 and older

What fashion innovations have made it into your wardrobe? Find out how science and technology have helped us keep cool, stay dry and look great at this high energy live experiment show that'll keep the whole family entertained. 

Recycled Runway

Age: Recommended for ages 7 and older

Step into the Jimmy Choos of the latest designers who are using recycled materials to create fashion masterpieces. Junk jewellery, scrap socks or trash t-shirts, what you make is up to you and there'll even be some real designer fashion in the room to inspire your collection. Then walk down our catwalk to show off your latest look.

Next stop: London Fashion Week!

Make Your Manchester

Age: Recommended for ages 5 and older

We're mad about Manchester and we know you are too, so show off our city in fabric. Football? Music? Coronation Street? Design a unique piece of textile art all about what makes Manchester special. Then watch your design become part of our digital tapestry in the Revolution Manchester gallery.

Early Years Engineers

Age: Recommended for children under 4

Explore the sights, sounds and smells of our giant engines. Pick up a Power Pack from the front desk and then meet an Explainer in the Power Hall for a session specially designed for little ones aged 4 and under. 

Weavers Wanted

Age: Recommended for ages 4 and older

We're looking for weavers, scavengers and piecers of all ages to become our new apprentices. Come and learn all the tricks of the trade as we turn cotton into the thread that made everything from napkins to knickers!

Engine Demonstration

Age: Recommended for ages 7 and older

How did we power the city?  What got Manchester moving? This interactive engine demonstration will show you how engines can push, pull and turn the industries that made Manchester famous.

Manchester Mills

Age: Recommended for ages 7 and older

This thunderous demonstration of historic mill machinery will show you the whole journey of how cotton is processed from its raw state to the finished product—a piece of calico cloth.


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About the Science and Industry Museum

The Science and Industry Museum tells the story of where science met industry and the modern world began. Manchester was one of the first global industrial cities, and its epic rise, decline and resurrection has been echoed in countless other cities around the world. From textiles to computers, the objects and documents held in the museum's collection tell stories of everyday life over the last 200 years, from light bulbs to locomotives. The museum's mission is to inspire all its visitors, including future scientists and inventors, with the story of how ideas can change the world, from the industrial revolution to today and beyond. 

The Science and Industry Museum is part of the Science Museum Group, a family of museums which also includes the Science Museum in London; the National Railway Museum in York and Shildon; and the Science and Media Museum in Bradford. The Science Museum Group is devoted to the history and contemporary practice of science, medicine, technology, industry and media. With five million visitors each year and an unrivalled collection, it is the most significant group of museums of science and innovation worldwide.