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Trusts and foundations

We work with trusts and foundations to demonstrate that science is for everyone and to ignite in young people a passion for STEM knowledge as the key to shaping a better future.

We inspire society through all aspects of our work: exhibitions and galleries celebrating science; our public programme of events and festivals; and our outreach work, igniting curiosity in visitors of all ages.

The trusts and foundations that support us benefit from:

  • The national and global recognition of being associated with some of the most well recognised and loved museums in the world
  • Presence across our physical and digital sites—visited by millions each year
  • Reaching and engaging with a broad range of audiences from our millions of visitors through to academics, government and policy-makers
  • Supporting the investigation of some of the most pressing and urgent scientific challenges of our time    

Working together we can spark intrigue, encourage engagement and inspire a new generation of scientists, engineers and creative problem-solvers to shape our world.

Further information

For more information on our work and how your trust or foundation can support the Science Museum Group, please contact:

Zoe Hawken
Call: +44 (0)20 7942 4378


We are thankful to the generous trusts and foundations that continue to support us, including: