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The road to carbon zero: In conversation with Professor Myles Allen

How can we stop fossil fuels from harming our planet? We often hear about the dangers of carbon, but what role does it play in climate change and how can we reduce the damage it causes?

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About the talk

Find out more about what climate change means in this special interview chaired by one of our expert Explainers with Professor Myles Allen, as he talks about his ideas for a Carbon Takeback Obligation.

By giving fossil fuel companies the responsibility for the safe storage of carbon, this would lead to a substantial switch to carbon zero energy sources. Learn how his research could be used to help the UK achieve its net zero target by 2050.

Myles Allen is Professor of Geosystem Science at University of Oxford and Head of the Climate Dynamics Group in the University's Department of Physics. 

Hero image credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash