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Igniting Curiosity Day

Uncover the wonder of science and materials through engaging demonstrations and a hands-on challenge in this day-long package of activities brought to you by our expert Explainers.

Students will discover that Manchester is built on science, both past and present, how science is relevant to their daily lives and challenge misconceptions about science. 

With opportunities to find out more about STEM professionals working with materials, students will be encouraged to work scientifically, using their knowledge to solve a challenge. 

Throughout this day of themed activities, we explore materials and their properties, and the working scientifically methodologies and approaches in the National Curriculum for KS2.


Igniting curiosity assembly

  • Duration: 45 minutes 
  • Group size: Minimum 15, no maximum 
  • Key stage: KS2  
  • Special requirements: Hall or space with projector or HDMI screen that we can access. Access to water/sink for clean-up. 

Ignite the curiosity of your students with our assembly show. Our Explainers will take your students on a journey exploring Manchester as a hive of industry and technologies, past and present, and how Science is relevant to our daily lives. 

Through experiments and interaction, your students will work with our Explainers to discover how objects are made of materials, that materials have properties and that properties of materials can help solve problems.  

The end of the show is in your students’ hands - which Explainer will be dunked with water, or will they? 

Made up machines workshop 

  • Duration: 60 minutes 
  • Group size: Minimum 10, maximum 40 
  • Key stage: KS2  
  • Special requirements: Classroom setting with tables. 

Inspire creativity in your students with our empowering tinkering workshop. Igniting their imaginations, this hands-on experience allows children to become inventors and problem solvers.  

Students will work together to create a machine that transports goods all the way from the docks of Liverpool to the Manchester markets. Will they push it, pull it, drop it or lift it? 

By exploring the properties of materials and forces, ordinary objects become extraordinary machines when your students use their imagination.