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Circuit City

Lively, upbeat and humorous with lots of surprises—this show uses audience participation to communicate the key principles of electricity, while challenging the children to make their own discoveries.

Follow an electric current in 1893 from Dickinson Street Power Station to Manchester Town Hall, as the city is powered by electricity for the first time.

With the help of the children, we test a different scientific principle or electrical device at every stage of the journey. But not just any devices—we’ll be using some of history’s most bizarre electrical creations.

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What will they learn?

  • The basic principles of electricity: generation, conduction, insulation, storage, safety and different uses including light, sound, heat and movement.
  • How electricity was initially generated, harnessed, supplied and used across Manchester, through the story of Dickinson Street Power Station—the first in the city.
  • The impact this had on the growth of the city and on people’s lives.
  • The historical misconceptions that have surrounded electricity, and some of its more ridiculous and funny uses.

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