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The Wonder of Light

This surprising science show conveys the principles of light through audience participation and experimentation. It encourages students to explain their own findings, and challenges their expectations.

Mischievous magicians use the principles of light to create scary illusions. Just like magicians, we’re going to remove your students’ heads, turn them into ghosts, and make a thousand copies of them.

But is it really magic? Or is it science?

Working scientifically, we’ll find out. We’ll look at the different ways that light travels, the properties of reflection and how light interacts with the world.

WARNING: This show is only for the bravest scientific explorers!

Booking terms apply for this event.

What will they learn?

  • By identifying creative uses of light, students will understand that we see things because light travels through the air, reflects from something, and then travels into our eyes.
  • Working out the secrets of a Pepper’s Ghost magic trick, students will understand that light doesn’t just reflect: it can also pass through things and be absorbed. Sometimes, it does all 3 at once.
  • By figuring out the secrets of a head-removal magic trick, students will recognise that light travels in a straight line and can reflect at angles, which we can plot.
  • We’ll create an infinity room of mirrors, and students will understand that light can reflect more than once, continuing until it loses energy.
  • By following the 4 key steps for debunking our magic, students will learn how to work scientifically—knowing facts, understanding them, and applying them in a methodical, practical way as a team, then evaluating the findings.

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