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The Science and Industry Museum in Manchester is open daily. Book your free tickets now.

Schools and groups can book tickets here.

Revolution Manchester – Groups

From big ideas to small inventions, explore Manchester's amazing legacy of ideas that changed the world and helped shape life as we know it.

Discover the stories of objects on display including Manchester's Rolls-Royce and 'Baby', our working replica of the Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine, the ancestor of every modern computer. 

Find out about engineers like Joseph Whitworth and Richard Roberts, who helped the wheels of industry to turn, and Paralympic athlete Dame Sarah Storey's work to promote healthy and sustainable ways of getting around as Greater Manchester's Active Travel Commissioner. 

Learn about the important role that sticky tape played in the discovery of graphene and our city's role in the country's creative industries.  

From 25 May 2023 – January 2024, this gallery will include Stephen Hawking at Work, a new display of incredible objects from Professor Stephen Hawking's office.

Resources for a museum visit 

Please note: You can schedule 30 minutes for this gallery on your itinerary, but you are welcome to explore it at any time, for as long as you like.

The gallery will also be open to other groups and general visitors. There are daily shows in this gallery, please see the Revolution Manchester Show page for details.

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