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The Revolution Manchester Show – Schools

Help your class discover the story of where science met industry and the modern world began, from steam power and the cotton industry, to computing and cutting-edge scientific research.

Highly interactive, fun and a little bit silly, The Revolution Manchester Show is full of experiments, music, video, competitions and even explosions, aimed at getting everybody involved and active and ready for a brilliant day ahead.

What will they learn?

  • The importance of our historic site as the home of the world’s oldest surviving passenger station, and the beginnings of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway—the world’s first passenger and goods railway.
  • The Industrial Revolution began in Manchester and Lancashire.
  • The principles of a steam engine, and how steam was used to power locomotives and factories.
  • Manchester was at the heart of the world’s cotton industry, and cotton manufacture was central to it becoming the first industrialised city.
  • About Manchester developments and inventions that changed the world, like Avro aeroplanes, and the world’s first stored-program computer.
  • The spirit of invention lives on in our region, inspiring future scientists.

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