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Discover some of the most surprising scientific discoveries to come out of Manchester in this interactive, skills-building workshop.

In this session, your class will hear the stories of three unusual Manchester discoveries, and how they impacted the world.  

Learners will then be challenged to tackle our very own group problem-solving challenge. Taking inspiration from the stories they've heard, they'll have to think like scientists to find the solutions—and perhaps make some surprising discoveries of their own!

This activity runs during school term time only. Please see our list of upcoming school holiday dates

Booking terms apply for this event

What will they learn?

  • How Manchester has been the home of scientists and inventors who have made world-changing discoveries, and still is today. 
  • That STEM skills are not limited to a lab and can be found in everyday activities. 
  • Working scientifically, by experimenting within a safe environment.
  • Resilience, by learning from, and building upon, mistakes and failures. 
  • How to collaborate and communicate as part of a group.