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Can you use your curious brain to help us understand how a steam locomotive works? Our Explainers have a manual, but it’s more fun to work it out!

In this dynamic show you’ll hear about the history of transport and how the steam locomotive changed the world, help figure out how a steam locomotive works and learn a dance to help you remember all the parts.

Learning Outcomes for Loco-Motion

  • The audience will learn how the rise of locomotives links to the story of Manchester, and to their own lives (specifically Rocket between September 2018 and April 2019).
  • The audience will become more confident at using scientific methods by working out how a locomotive operates.
  • The audience will be encouraged to see their own curiosity and questioning as scientific behaviour, and be encouraged to continue this in the rest of the gallery.


Loco-Motion is also available for families. Find out more.

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