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Fun, surprising and cross-curricular, this creative workshop explores sound waves.

A sharp, interactive science show introduces students to the key principles of sound waves using a Rubens Tube – a dramatic fiery visualization of sound.

Armed with this knowledge, students begin their task: to mix pieces of music to create the most amazing results in the Rubens Tube.

Finally, students will present their creations to the rest of the class, making and explaining predictions using accurate scientific vocabulary.

Our expert panel of science-music judges (the teachers!) will then vote for their favourite.

Creative Science: Seeing Sounds blends science with music, art with English, and reflects the professional environment in a more realistic and connected way.

It creates a unique platform to experience STEM subjects: removing pressure and limits, promoting independent learning, and exploring the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Taking part in experiments, students will develop their knowledge of key principles of sound waves—wavelength, amplitude and frequency—and understand the importance of visualising them.
  • Designing and presenting their creations, students will be challenged to use scientific vocabulary accurately and precisely, developing their communication and presentation skills.
  • Through a fun, open-ended and surprising set of activities, we'll puncture science stereotypes, highlighting the importance of cross-curricular skills and project work.

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