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Planet North

Our changing climate is seriously affecting the environment, but can the action of young people help towards a better future for our planet?

The Science and Industry Museum has joined forces with local BBC radio stations from across the North of England to launch an exciting new project, Planet North, which will culminate in a special event at this year's Manchester Science Festival.

Planet North will shine a spotlight on the challenges and potential solutions to climate change and environmental issues. Over the next three months, Planet North Champions, a team of young people from across the North of England who are passionate about the environment and challenges facing our planet, will explore how the actions of young people can help towards a better future. 

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Get involved

If you live in the North of England and have been making a difference to the planet, however big or small, then you can get involved in Planet North too. 

Whether you've been making re-usable face masks, reducing your plastic use or changing the way you shop for food, share it with Planet North. 

Upload your content—audio, video, text or images—to the BBC website and local BBC radio Upload teams will watch, read or listen to it. Anything that catches their attention will go on air or on BBC radio's digital platforms.

Find out how to upload your content on the Planet North page.

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