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The Place of Industry: SMG Research Conference 2019

Join us on 4–5 November 2019 at the Science and Industry Museum to discuss 'The Place of Industry' at this conference organised by the Science Museum Group.

Manchester has shaped and been shaped by the many industries that made it the original industrial city. On the site of the Manchester terminus of the ground-breaking Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the Science and Industry Museum is the perfect place to explore:

  • Place-based approaches to science and industry. From the coffee house to the technical school, from bricks and mortar to regional strategies. What does a focus on place and space bring to our understanding of science and industry?  
  • Interfaces and juxtapositions of industry with other disciplines and frames. From applying a science, technology, engineering and maths lens to industry to making space for artists and creative practitioners to extend industry's meaning. What potentials are there in pushing and exploring the boundaries of industry?
  • The proximity of industry. From the haptic perception of technologies to the sensory qualities of industrial cities and spaces. How does industry being close-at-hand alter human experience? And how does experience design respond to industrial spaces?

The full programme for this two-day conference is available here. 

Some highlights include:

  • A keynote address by Dr Jennifer Tucker from Wesleyan University on Humphrey Jennings' Pandaemonium and its use as a source on the history of the Industrial Revolution.
  • A panel looking at replicas and models as a means of experiencing industry and science.
  • A session delving into the interface of art and industry.
  • A panel exploring knowledge production in the industrious spaces of early modern London.
  • A session dealing with the practice of bringing industrial and scientific history to life.

Book your place here. Registration closes Friday 1 November 2019 at 12.00.

The Place of Industry will be the fourth Science Museum Group Research Conference. This annual conference is an opportunity to showcase research activity, gather together new thinking that resonates with the collections and practices of the Science Museum Group, and draw out emerging work from our research community.