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Celebrating 100 years of the BBC in Manchester

Celebrate 100 years of the BBC in Manchester with a new display that showcases Manchester as a centre of innovation in broadcasting, from 1922 to the present, and looking to the future.

Discover the story of 2ZY Radio, one of the UK's earliest radio stations, which was based in Manchester and managed by Metropolitan Vickers, one of the founding companies in the original BBC consortium. Find out more about how people listened to early broadcasts, buying or building their own radio sets to tune in at home. Then take a look at some of the latest developments in broadcasting being developed by the BBC at MediaCityUK and explore new technologies that will change the way we watch and listen forever.

This display is part of the Science Museum Group’s Broadcast 100 celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of the BBC and the 40th anniversary of Channel 4.


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