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Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You

Dive headfirst into the digestive system for an unforgettable journey of super-sized science with Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You.

Get ready for a special mission to find out what happens to food when we eat. 

Guided by videos and illustrations of our hosts Dr Chris, Dr Xand and Dr Ronx, prepare to be shrunk, swallowed and squeezed through Dr Xand's digestive system.

From the tip of the tongue to the end of the bum, explore the role of each organ in the digestive journey through interactive games and challenges, fun facts and fascinating objects from the Science Museum Group's collection.



  • Enter the mouth and play in a set of giant teeth to find out why our teeth are different shapes. 
  • Bop the bad bacteria as quickly as you can in the stomach.  
  • Meet Larry the Vomiting Robot, who helped scientists understand how bacteria and viruses in our vomit spread and make people sick. 
  • Take a walk through the villi in the small intestine, then see if you can hit the high score in the nutrient toss. 
  • Discover the surprising science behind tummy rumbles and bottom grumbles. 
  • Chill out and soak up the atmosphere in the appendix. 
  • Spin the wheel on the poo-duction line and guess the smells in the stink chamber.  
  • Put on a poo hat and prepare to get flushed down a giant toilet! 
  • Step back into the real world and explore the Doctors' super-secret lab, packed with incredible experiments, games and surprises.

Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You brings the hit BBC Children's TV series to life for the first time as a world premiere exhibition experience. 

Never seen the show before? All episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

The exhibition has been developed by the Science and Industry Museum and produced in collaboration with BBC and 141 Productions, part of All3Media's Objective Media Group.

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Explore our range of interactive and entertaining Operation Ouch!-inspired toys, games, kits and experiments available to buy online and in the Science and Industry Museum shop.

All images: Science Museum Group © The Board of Trustees of the Science Museum

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