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Working towards a web built for everyone, by everyone

Since Tim Berners-Lee invented the web 32 years ago, it has reshaped our world. But today, who gets to shape the digital technologies that govern our lives?

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Join us to find out how the World Wide Web Foundation is opening up the development of tech policy so that our digital tools better meet the needs of all those who use them in a fair, equitable and inclusive way.

Hosted by the National Science and Media Museum, this event is held in collaboration with the Web Foundation to coincide with the launch of the Tech Policy Design Lab, which the foundation has created to tackle the biggest tech challenges facing our societies. The Lab brings experts from governments, companies and civil society together with diverse groups of people to create product and policy solutions that can shape a better, fairer, safer web. 

Following its successful pilot tackling the abuse of women online, the Lab’s next focus is on Dark Patterns—the design practices built into user interfaces that have the effect of obscuring or impairing consumer autonomy or choice. Dark Patterns will be the focus of this discussion, which will be introduced by Adrian Lovett, President and CEO of the World Wide Web Foundation.

Speakers include:

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