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Planting Stories

Explore our beautiful garden to uncover stories of our historic site.

From 1830, for almost 150 years, Liverpool Road Station was a bustling hub of people, animals and machines, keeping produce, raw materials and finished goods moving in and out of the industrial city, and connecting Manchester with the world. 

Now our cobbled Upper Yard is alive with a beautiful garden for you to enjoy. Plants, trees and flowers have been carefully selected to represent the goods that would have once been transported on the railway to feed Manchester's growing population, as well as materials that were brought to the site to fuel industry in the city.
The materials and structures used in the garden have been specifically selected to maximise sustainability. Planting includes long-lasting perennials and evergreen shrubbery to keep the botanical beds blooming year after year, supporting biodiversity while helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Planting Stories is designed by Alexandra Froggatt, who in 2018 created our popular Bee Garden. Look out for our team of volunteers who will be on hand to answer your questions as they as they support the care and maintenance of the garden.

Lower Yard 

During special events and activities, you can also enjoy new planting in our Lower Yard. This has been inspired by the innovative Liverpool Road Station where cutting-edge technologies worked alongside human and animal power. There is a focus on exploring with your senses. The planting brings to life the sights and smells that would have filled the once bustling site.


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