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Royal Photographic Society Science Photographer of the Year

Bringing together science, climate and art in a stunning showcase of images, this online exhibition features the winning and stand-out entries to the Royal Photographic Society's prestigious Science Photographer of the Year competition.

For the first time this year, a new Climate Change category was introduced to reflect the theme of Manchester Science Festival.

The winners can now be viewed alongside 75 shortlisted and stand-out photographs in this captivating visual art experience that digitally showcase the global story of climate change and unveils how science, technology and engineering are addressing this urgent issue.

Through this stunning digital display, audiences are challenged to see climate change through a different lens.

The winners were chosen from over 1,000 entries submitted for free by both amateur and professional photographers.

They are:

  • Science Photographer of the Year (General Science): Simon Brown, Orthophoto of SS Thistlegorm, an intricate reconstruction of a shipwreck using photogrammetry, the technique of making measurement from photographs. 
  • Young Science Photographer of the Year (General Science): Katy Appleton (12), Rainbow Shadow Selfie, that captures the beauty of a common phenomena of light splitting through a prism.
  • Science Photographer of the Year (Climate Change): Sue Flood, North Pole Under Water  
  • Young Science Photographer of the Year (Climate Change): Raymond Zhang (11), Apollo’s Emissary, which shows one of the largest solar power stations in western China.

Exhibition developed in partnership with the Royal Photographic Society.

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Hero image credit: Coral Bleaching by Wojciech Nawrocki

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