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In Conversation: Smart Cities

Technology and data have changed our lives, but can we use them to transform our cities?

From renewable power to electric cars and more energy-efficient homes, electric cities will be greener, more sustainable and better for the planet. But is it all as it seems?  

Join our panel to explore the concept of smart cities, the risks and rewards of increased connectivity and ultimately, how it will all affect the next generation.

Our panel

Dr Shini Somara, a mechanical engineer, science reporter and STEM advocate, will lead the debate among the panel, which will include students from Levenshulme High School alongside Dr Larissa Suzuki and Martine Tommis.  

Dr Larissa Suzuki is an award-winning and passionate computer scientist, inventor and engineer, and is the founder and chair of the Tech London Advocates group on Smart Cities.  

Martine Tommis is city coordinator for the Manchester Triangulum project. This international project is exploring innovative solutions to deliver increased energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and wider socio-economic benefits to contribute to the development of a 'smart city district' along Manchester's Oxford Road Corridor.

Electricity: The spark of life

Our special exhibition, Electricity: The spark of life, will be open before the In Conversation begins, so be sure to arrive early to find out even more about electricity’s place in a low carbon future. 

Doors open at 18.30 and the In Conversation will begin promptly at 19.30.

Food and drink offer

Grab a bite at the Warehouse Café, which will be open from 17.30. There'll be delicious snacks and hot food available, as well as hot drinks, soft drinks, beers, cider and wine.